Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Black Women With Other Brothers: Warning! Beware of "Catfish" fake personalities tr...

Black Women With Other Brothers: Warning! Beware of "Catfish" fake personalities tr...: This is serious. Recently (in the last six months) I've noticed an influx of faceless personalities around Black women's Facebook swirl pa...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Here's the reason why Miss Ross is avoiding Tyler Perry

Baby where did our love go?

Director Tyler Perry said of  Diana Ross “She’s been ignoring me for years. She’s the only person that I have dreamed of working with that will not return my phone calls,” Perry asserted before recalling a brief encounter with the “Upside Down” singer. “That was it, she never called me again. She said, 'No!' And that was it.”

She is ignoring him because she wants to. For whatever reason. Just as simple as that. With her silence she is holding her mood. 

She remains classy with her silence. No means no. A lady never has to give a reason why. No Means No.

And speaking of No Means No did you know that my entre into serious filmmaking started with this classic short film Yes Means Yes, No Means No. With Scarlot Harlot we crafted an American Film Institute 1st Prize Winning Dramatic short film as seen on Entertainment Tonight, PBS and festivals worldwide.

Yes,  No means no. Miss Diana Ross should continue to hold her mood who knows maybe down the road she will reconsider working with him and for now, no means no. Miss Ross  holds church with her silence. No means no, period. 

Dee Dee Russell
San Francisco

Friday, June 15, 2012

Detroit 300 Declares War On Detroit Gangs For Killing Babies & Seniors!

Happy Dark Girls is a film about the cultural influence of Diana Ross. You all know she was raised in Detroit, Michigan. I have been wondering if Detroit would be safe for me to travel to for interviews. isn't safe! After 3 hard-core generations of fatherlessness I believe we as Black people are in a civil war. Not with white racists. With the young Black men. Too many are lawless thugs. Who needs the KKK when you have a thug. Urban terrorists! So it is with great pleasure I give to you, Detroit 300 as they declare war on gangs for killing babies and seniors!

Dee Dee Russell
San Francisco

Black by popular demand!

Yes we're chugging along. Since no one that we've ever met has ever produced six films at once let me tell you it is a very interesting experience to be the first. Being a pioneer means that many will sit and wait to see if you're up to the task. Honey, hush.

Researching uploading digitizing scanning scouting community building... happy to have the opportunity!

During breaks I like to laugh as much as possible and create funny interesting art like this meme about Miss Diana Ross. I could say this a thousand times...there are so many worthy ebony goddesses including Grace Jones and at the center of the circle of life is Miss Diana Ross!

Dee Dee Russell
San Francisco

Monday, June 11, 2012

Strong Black Woman!? With memes!

Dee Dee Russell San Francisco Sexist Womanist Bohemian Artist: Strong Black Woman!? With memes!: Sweet baby kittens!   Strong Black Woman is such a joke that bastardly comedian Kathy Griffin made money off it! I live in San Francis...